Fetch/ get data from Ethernet cable

Hi All,

I have a machine that sending all parameters (vibration , temperature, speed, etc) to HMI via Ethernet cable (RJ45) and I want to use particle electron with Ethernet Overlay Shield for Particle Photon/Electron (https://store.ncd.io/product/ethernet-communications-module-lantronix-xport/) to send these data via cloud and monitor it using ubidots dashboard for example, is that possible? i am thinking to use RJ45 T-Adapter, 2 Port, Shielded so one for the existing HMI and one to my shield,

if this is possible please advice with the steps that i need to follow ?

Thank you very much and i am looking forward to hear from you.


Hi Maj,

:particle: Gen 3 devices work great with Ethernet - https://docs.particle.io/tutorials/learn-more/ethernet-featherwing/ specifically would guide you on how to do so. DeviceOS supports it natively.

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