[Feature request] Verify entered credentials in SoftAP mode

We’re currently designing a user flow for first-time wifi setup, thanks to some recent firmware fixes that enable better connection state monitoring. One major point of friction is that if a user enters bad credentials, the flow needs to take them almost all the way back to step 1. This means the user has to leave the app, reconnect to the Photon, and start the process again (at least on iOS).

It would be REALLY great if the system firmware could simply verify the credentials sent to /configure-ap and return the results to the client. That would ensure a tight loop in the event of a failure and reduce the amount of backtracking the user has to endure. I don’t know how easy this is to do, but FWIW, here’s an existence proof:


Granted, the connection could ultimately still fail, but getting disconnected from the SoftAP is a long way to fall just to find out you made a silly typo.

Thanks for raising this. I agree it would be a good idea and improves the user experience. It’s also technically feasible, which is kinda handy :smile:

The link you posted above, is that running on the WICED SDK?

Awesome, glad you’re in support of it and thanks for filing that on Github!

Yes, at least the module we were using a while back (AMW006) was WICED-compatible and supported this command. They may since have graduated to their own WICED-like platform since: