Feature: LIBRARIES PORTING Spark Style :D

Hey :spark: community,

I would just start off to say that the :spark: team and :spark: Elite do hear and value all your feedback/request and prioritize the must-have features to be focused on during each Sprint.

So you will be hearing some updates from me on new cool stuff we are working hard behind the scenes before the :spark: team announces them and blow you off ya mind :smiley:

This is how the Libraries Tab look like in the Sparkulator! As you can tell, it’s still in the pre-alpha stage but we have managed to get a simple library ported over successfully.

Here’s a modified quote from Neil Armstrong:

"That’s one small step for the :spark: team , one giant leap for :spark: community " :smiley:

I hope you guys like what you are seeing and i hope to interact with you guys more on the the awesome :spark: team has in the pipeline to change the way you look at IoT.

Have fun and :heart: this :wink: