Farm Irrigation System

Mark and Gustavo.


Sweet project!

In the future, you could use RFM95w Radios to get radios to get the moisture sensor & to turn the water valves ON&OFF which would prevent the need for the more expensive Wifi antennas. In an open area like that those RFM95w radios would reach for 1-2 miles with simple wire antennas.

This is a good example of how Ubidots can be used also.

I’m sure the fruit yields are up also since they are getting the water they need when they need it.

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Hey Ryan! thank you for your comment.
I have to ask you a “little” something about your comment on the radios:

How would you add these radios to the project?
would there be a photon on each end or these radios can be programmed like a micro controller to collect data from the sensors?
how do you connect that radio to the photon?


Yes I can help you with that :slight_smile:

I’ve had a Photon + RFM95w Radio up and running for almost a month now and it’s proven to be a reliable wireless platform.

Using Adafruits RFM95w Breakout this is what it looks like when connected to a Photon

And for a Sensor Node, you will need another MCU + RFM95W radio to send data back to the Photon. Adafruit carries these also but there is a company that makes a nice unit that is setup for solar charging + has built in Flash storage and it’s made by a company called Rocket Scream

You’re going to need the RadioHead library to get both units communicating together. To figure out how to set that up in Particle DEV follow this thread and read it from top to bottom before starting and you should have no problems getting both units going using the Reliable Datagram example code I posted towards the bottom.

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:


pretty awesome information. thank you!
PS: I won’t try this now since I have no current needs, but I’ll have it as an option for future projects for sure
million thanks for taking the time to explain,

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