Failing to Setup Product that has previously been claimed

I had a problem, and perhaps found the solution. I was claiming and unclaiming a photon product device over development, and after it had been unclaimed, the device still said it was claimed. Hitting in soft-ap returned {"id":"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX","c":"1"} (The “c” being a boolean value of having been previously claimed). Not sure if the “c” value ever returns to 0 if the device is successfully unclaimed?
And I was never able to set the device up as a product. But after toggling it as a development device in the product console, setup worked normally, with one hiccup: the app asks, “Change owner to null?”

If you’re a developer, I hope this helps. If you’re an expert, I’d love some more light on why things work the way they do. Happy hacking!

There’s an on-device flag which is where the “c” setting comes from. Unclaiming a device from the cloud side does not clear that flag. If you’re testing claiming of a Photon/P1, you will almost certainly want to manually clear the flag to create a situation more like when a user has a factory new device.


Got it. Thank you!