Failed to load Tinker in Android (solved)

I finally get pass the build process but it failed loading the Apps to Samsung-Tab3. I had gone through some posting but not able to find out the reason what I had done wrong. Some people mention about the fonts file issue, How could I fix this from the release source ?
Attached is the error log for reference, thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Hi @Dilbert, this took me some time, too :wink:

So I had to dig a bit and found several options:

  • grab some otf fonts and name them according to the original fonts, or
  • dig in the web to actually find the original fonts (sorry, I can’t
    remember where I found them), or
  • find an original Android Tinker app apk and extract the fonts from there, or
  • substitute all occurences of the original font names in the code and use your own fonts (it’s a bit a pain in the original code, since they occure not only once, as you might expect)

once you got a set of fonts, place them in the designated path and try again.

OK, finally loaded and running after I got fonts file from Adobe directory and renew them accordingly. I kind of missed the statement "in order to build a working app,…put some other fonts in their place "


Now, I need to find a better fonts files :smiley:

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