Factory testing p1 based product and device os 0.5.5


we are producing a p1 based product. our initial batch had p1’s that came from particle with deviceos 0.5.3 on it. our factory testing code flashes and tests these devices. it was developed with 0.5.3 and all worked fine

the second batch of p1s came with deviceos 0.5.5. and things act different. setting up the usb connection (from a windows pc to the p1 device) is different

to debug this i like to downgrade the devices back to 0.5.5 (we put 2.0.1 on them)

two questions:

  • does anyone know what is different (usb connection, bootloader, flashing) from 0.5.5 compared to 0.5.3
  • to downgrade (to retest): where can we find device os 0.5.5?