External Coexistence

Photon data sheet (no page numbers!?!?!) has a page with header:

Then, the first sentence reads:
Note: This interface is not supported by the P0 module and cannot be used.

Then there is a whole page about using the interface.

Am I missing something?

The original documentation came from the USI WM-N-BM-09 (P0) datasheet, and that’s how the pads on the Photon are connected to the P0.

However, it was never implemented in the Broadcom/Cypress WICED software that runs on the P0, so the coexistence interface effectively can’t be used. At one point we hoped that they would implement it, but that does not appear to be the case so we should remove that section from the datasheet.

Awesome, thanks for the fast info. Not sure how I would move forward on your end, maybe just delete everything after ‘…can’t be used?’

If I have any more datasheet questions I will ask them here. Otherwise, thanks again!

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