Export data received from a temperature sensor (DHT11)

How can I export the data received from the sensor that appears in the particle console? Can I export the events?

You’d usually not export from console but rather subscribe directly - e.g. via CLI particle subscribe.

The Events view in Console should be considered no more than a temporary viewer.
It’s not meant as a means to process the data.


There are many ways to save and view events from devices. One way would be to use Losant, which I’ve found to be pretty useful.

Here is an article that can help you get started:

Thanks for your advice, the data or events of the temperature sensor can see them graphically inside Ubidots, but I want to migrate that data to Klipfolio to have a database and they are stored there.

IIRC, Ubidots also allows you to export/download data stored there.