Events not showing up in Andriod app

Not sure what i am doing wrong or if the app is broken right now. I cant see any data in the Android App event console. The events show up on the web console but not the app.

I can see my device is online and make it signal, but no events are making it to the app.

Simple code running on Photon:

void setup() {}
void loop() {
Particle.publish("Hello?", PRIVATE);

Yup, I’m seeing the same thing.

@jensck_particle, any thoughts?

I’ve been trying to write my own app to deal with events and it’s not working - I just saw this and tested the Particle app and it’s not working either. Is their SDK broken? Very frustrating.

Same problem for me.

Android Studio shows the following:
D/ParticleDevice: Subscribing to events with prefix: null for device xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
D/org.kaazing.gateway.client.transport.http.HttpRequestDelegateImpl: Unexpected HTTP response code received: code = 404

I don’t know how to fix this.

Finally I solved the problem by editing the EventsDelegate.kt.
There is a Bug in the URL generation at line 230.

//allEventsUrl = baseUrl.newBuilder().addPathSegment("/v1/$EVENTS").build()
allEventsUrl = baseUrl.newBuilder().addPathSegment(“v1”).addPathSegment("$EVENTS").build()
//devicesBaseUrl = baseUrl.newBuilder().addPathSegment("/v1/devices").build()
devicesBaseUrl = baseUrl.newBuilder().addPathSegment(“v1”).addPathSegment(“devices”).build()

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Hi @jack4566,

Sorry for the troubles.

As @fabigeiger identifed in his post, there was an issue with the URL structuring. In particular, the issue was that slashes were being included in the URL path and they were being escaped.

@jensck_particle should putting out a fix in the Android SDK soon to correct this bad behavior, but in the meantime, as a bit of a quick fix, @fabigeiger’s proposed workaround will correct the bad behavior of slashes being escaped by building the URLs as follows (using addPathSegment twice).

Should anyone have any questions, do feel free to respond here or file a support ticket at

Thank you everyone!

Hey folks.

Following up here. A fix for both the mobile application and SDKs are live. Please update to the latest versions and do let us know if you continue to see issues.

Thanks everyone!

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