Event Loop Error 2 and continious reconnects

Running Particle agent ( on Pi Zero, running simplest example app "“Blink a led” trying to find reason for problems. Everything seems to work ok in the app, but it connect/disconnect/reconnect almost every second. A listing of part of the continious loop from the particle-agent.log shown below. Any idea of what the reason to this problem could be?

0047856100 system: INFO: Cloud: connecting
0047856190 system: INFO: Resolved host 7ab78d46b59839c399e76f06.agent.particle.io to
0047856345 system: INFO: connected to cloud
0047856345 system: INFO: Cloud socket connected
0047856865 comm: INFO: Handshake: completed
0047856866 system: INFO: Cloud connected
0047857818 comm: WARN: receive error -2
0047857819 comm: WARN: Event loop error 2
0047857819 system: WARN: Communication loop error, closing cloud socket
0047857869 system: INFO: Cloud: connecting

A particle-agent setup followed by a restart solved the problem :slight_smile:

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