EthernetUDP.write() Continuity problem

Hello every one…
I am using 2 arduino boards one as a server and other as a client .
the client get variables serially from another controller and send it to the server using UDP library
every thing goes well but once when client starts up
i mean when i power the client it sends to server successfully once, then stop sending
any advices please for urgency …

@moustafa_nabil, this forum is for Particle devices which are WiFi and GSM based. I believe you are looking for an Arduino forum! :grinning:

Um so sorry :innocent:
so what i have to do now :smiley:??

@moustafa_nabil, well I see that you have two good choices. One, buy a Photon which can replace your data collecting Arduino and possibly your server since now you will have cloud connectivity out-of-the-box. The Particle community will be more than willing to help!

Or, you can do a search for an Arduino forum where you may find the answers you are looking for. :wink:


Just to wet your apertite to replace the duinos :slight_smile:


int oldval = 5000;
void loop()
    int val = analogRead(A0);
    if (val != oldval)
        Particle.publish("myEvent", String(val), 60, PRIVATE);


void setup()
    Particle.subscribe("myEvent", myHandler, MY_DEVICES);

void myHandler(const char *event, const char *data)
  int val = atoi(data);
  analogWrite(A0, val);