Ethernet FeatherWing Power over Ethernet (PoE)

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I would like to start a discussion on Power Over Ethernet (PoE) on Particle Mesh devices (particularly Xenon ethernet gateway).

There was some discussion in April 4 on possibly supporting PoE in the future and for now, Particle just recommends to use PoE injectors.

While checking the Ethernet FeatherWing eagle schematic, I saw there were headers anticipating PoE support


The RJ45 jack uses HY931147A but cant seem to find the exact datasheet for this. The nearest I could find was HY931147C and according to this datasheet, it has support for IEEE802.3af or up to 12.95W (worse case scenario) at the PD (powered device level).

I assume that the PoE module to be put on the Ethernet FeatherWing will output 5V, which feeds into the VUSB pin. (Side note: We probably don’t want the Ethernet FeatherWing PoE powered while troubleshooting over USB otherwise we might be seeing some magic smoke!)

Question to Particle Hardware group: What standard are the headers for the PoE module following? or are you guys developing your own 802.3af module to plug in? There are lots of IEEE802.3af PoE modules available on aliexpress, silvertel, etc. for 7USD or less, and Shenzhen PoE CCTV modules are 15-25 RMB (some with isolation too).

Question to others in the community:
Is anyone developing high power PoE devices here? I am working on 802.3bt 71W or higher devices targeted at “digital ceiling” application, and micro compressors for lab controlled refrigeration. It would be nice to consolidate efforts if there might be others along this path.



There has been no official announcement of PoE for the Ethernet FeatherWing.

However, as you have figured out, there are three headers on the Ethernet FeatherWing. They’re actually 0.1" two or three pin female sockets and they’re populated on the board from the factory on all units.

One could imagine that at some point in time in the future, there could be a small board with an off-the-shelf 802.3af module on it that sits on top of the Ethernet FeatherWing and plugs into those female header pins…


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I see that the design for a PoE-module is going great.

Any idea when we would be able to buy this? We currently use a PoE-splitter from Adafruit but having an add-on board would be perfect and compact!

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It will be a little longer before the PoE adapter is released because a small design flaw was discovered in the first batch so we’ll be making a v0.3 as the released version.

Ok, thanks for the update!
And thanks for the nice work you guys are doing :wink:

Thanks, please let us know as soon as its ready !

Any news on the v3 PoE board? I noticed that the repository hasn’t been updated. Is there an issue with v3 as well or has the change just not been committed up?

I’d love the have a look at the latest board as I have a design that needs the PoE component and not using a splitter would be beneficial.


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Any updates on the PoE module? What was the design flaw in the v0.2 version? Will the github repo be updated with the v0.3 version anytime soon? I see that they’re not available in the store but I did find one on a 3rd party website. Thanks.

There is no Eagle file update for the production version. The header pins were not aligned with the sockets on the Ethernet FeatherWing and were corrected in the Gerber files for production. There was no new version as we never shipped any devices with the wrong positioning.

However, we also have discontinued the PoE adapter due to low demand and the discontinuation of the Xenon, which is why it is no longer available in the store.

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Thanks for the information. I recently built a project using the Particle Ethernet FeatherWing, an Adafruit M0 Basic Proto, and a DMX-512 interface board of my own design, and found the PoE module quite useful. I may fork the design and correct the location of the header pins should someone desire to reproduce my project (a DMX controller with a web-based interface).