Errors when trying to connect to boron

I just got my Boron, and was able to connect to it through the app just fine. Through the app everything works just fine. When I try to compile or flash the Blink an LED example code using the VSCode extension I get this error

  • Executing task: make -f 'C:\Users\shane.particle\toolchains\buildscripts\1.15.0\Makefile' compile-user -s


/bin/bash: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token (' /bin/bash: -c: line 0: mkdir -p c:/Users/shane/Dropbox/MYPC(L~1/Desktop/ECEG478/SeniorDesign/src/SeniorDesign/target/4.2.0/argon/'
make[3]: *** [makefile:37: prebuild] Error 1
make[2]: *** [../build/ modules/argon/user-part] Error 2
make[1]: *** [C:\Users\shane.particle\toolchains\buildscripts\1.15.0\Makefile:142: make-main] Error 2
make: *** [C:\Users\shane.particle\toolchains\buildscripts\1.15.0\Makefile:87: compile-user] Error 2

  • The terminal process "C:\Users\shane.particle\toolchains\buildtools\1.1.1\bin\bash.exe '-c', 'make -f 'C:\Users\shane.particle\toolchains\buildscripts\1.15.0\Makefile' compile-user -s'" terminated with exit code: 2.
  • Press any key to close the terminal.

When I use the web IDE it works fine, but I would rather use VScode. Any input would be helpful.

@Support can you please take a look.

Hi @shanelyons!

What OS are you using?

I am using windows 11