Errors when compiling for Core (not Photon)

I am getting “strange” errors when compiling my code for core.

Exactly the same code was compiling perfectly well 2 days back for both Core & Photon.

Am using Particle Dev.

Here are the errors:

spark_wiring.h is included from the cloud and not locally, so no chances that it was changed on my computer.





must work on both core & photon according to the documentation. Well - both have been working so far!

This seems to be a temporary issue with the build farm.
With Web IDE you could select a targer system version other than “Latest (0.4.7)”, but with Dev you need to hope to get one of the working servers by trying several goes to build (as long you are sure not to have any errors tho’ :wink: )

Just read about a similar issue in this post.

Option (A) if I want to solve it now and just tried uploading all 22 files in the web IDE - doesn’t work!!! Am sure made a copy-paste error somewhere.

Else (B) can only wait till the error resolves itself when I hit the right server.

Any way I can influence which server is being used for option (B). Maybe try a number of times!!! Change something…!!!

Any way to escalate this issue? So that it gets resolved faster?

As the provided link did show already :particle: Particle is working already on it as quick as it gets and by now the problem should be resolved for the Photon.

Core and P1 are next
Random compiler errors on SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED);

Escalating does not necessarily speed things up, it might even slow down, since the escalation needs to be dealt with too

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This just got fixed. See this post.