Errors encountered when installing particle-dev-complete within atom on linux mint 17.1 build

hello, i thought i might try to install atom & the particle packages on a linux mint build which is on a minnowboard turbot. the atom install went well. when installing the particle-dev-complete package within atom i get this set of error messages. the package itself seems to be at least partially installed since the install button is now a uninstall button. is there a log somewhere which might provide more detail? also, do any of these messages describe a more or less fatal , as in , won’t work correctly, install? . i’m also wondering if i might get better results by installing individual packages instead of the complete bundle? thanks in advance for any insights.

What versions of node and npm are you using?

Also, try the command I posted here:

And then try to install the package in Atom.

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i removed the particle-dev-complete package through atom and then removed atom via synaptic. i think the problem was i used synaptic to install nodejs &atom and that created a out of date sync problem. anyway i tried as best i could to get it back to before i started. i’m going to get the newest packages from the web sites and start again in a few days. thanks for the reply.