Error claiming the device. Could not claim the device to your account - Raspberry Pi 4B

Hi guys. I’m trying to connect my Raspberry Pi to and unfortunately I am unable to claim my Pi…
Just installed particle through bash <( curl -sL ) on Raspbian. Logged in and entered a unique name.

Any suggestions on what I should try to resolve this?



The Particle on Raspberry Pi project has been discontinued

That’s unfortunate! I was really hoping to tell Google to turn my lights on :frowning_face:

Are there any workarounds for my Raspberry Pi, or does support arduino nano IoT?

I guess that the only reasonable solution will be to join Particle Devices Family :slight_smile:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

But… if you really need to run the stuff on RP I’m positive that with some workaround with this doc:

as this is a step by step how to start
you gonna be able to do your needs as i’m still running buz DK gateway on my pi and is working greate