Enhancement: System Event for Console Signal

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The Console’s Signal feature is great. However, our Argons are buried inside a case where the tricolor LED is hard to see. I’d like to have a System Event that would get called when the Argon gets the Signal start and Signal stop calls. With this Event I could start doing some flashing of the LED indicators visible on the outside of our device.

I imagine going to the console, clicking Signal, and having the LCD on our product display, “this is the device you are looking for”. Then I’d know I was about to flash code to the correct device.

Of course I can do this with a cloud exposed function, but since the console has this already I thought it would be good to piggyback on it.



I think the function methods is better, since that doesn’t involve adding code/data usage to devices for those who don’t need it. With function calls, you can make it do whatever you need, only if you need it.


I understand your rationale. I think the code to add this is pretty slim on the OS side. And once your device is buried inside a product the Console Signal is useful, but not usable.


It feels like a solution to a problem that’s already been solved: cloud side functionality triggering, using functions, for those who need it.