Enhancement: Limited team access controls to free accounts?


We’re a small non-profit makerspace (http://makernexus.org) deploying some RFID card readers (maybe 20) using Argons and Xenons. We have an AI2 app for controlling (mostly configuring) the card readers. In today’s model we have to give our Particle account credentials to the AI2 app so that people can make calls to the device’s cloud functions. We worry that these credentials are really admin credentials and let people do anything to our account and devices.

The Particle Enterprise team access controls look like the answer, but we don’t get them with our free account.

As an enhancement request, could Particle make a limited set of this functionality available to all accounts? Maybe only allow three team members? We’d have an admin user, a user that can interact with the devices via cloud functions and variables, a user that can do development tasks (everything the admin could do but not create or modify team members).



Hi @JSchrempp, I’d like to better understand your request. :slight_smile:

Are you using Products to manage your fleet? We have a pretty robust, tiered schema (here) for managing various levels of access: a Product subscription owner / administrator, Users, and Customers. I think this meets your qualifications, but I’m a little light on coffee this afternoon and it’s likely I’ve misunderstood something. Please let me know!


Hi Marek,

I have read the pages on Products and I think they do what we want. But when I tried to create a Product it called for a credit card saying we’d be charged. I was asking for some limited functionality that might be added to the cloud access when my fleet is under 100 devices.



As long you don’t excede the 100 devices limit and keep within the free cellular data plan you won’t be charged, even when you provide your credit card number.