Enclosure considerations for Boron that will be installed outdoors

I have a project where the Boron will be installed outdoors in a small 3D-printed enclosure. The enclosure itself will be located in a protected location, so it won’t be directly exposed to sunlight, wind, rain or snow.

I’m aiming for a sealed enclosure, but that’s hard to achieve in the real world.

So what happens if it isn’t completely sealed? During times of high humidity (100% humidity when it’s raining outside), the humidity level in the enclosure could eventually rise to 100%. Then if the temperature drops, I expect there would be condensation. So maybe I’m better off with an enclosure that isn’t sealed at all?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

Your intuitions are correct.
There’s a large range of options (and complexity) depending on you project goals.
How long of a deployment are you shooting for?
Will this be a hobbyist project or professional product ?

This is a hobbyist project. It will be deployed indefinitely (years).

I just found a previous post that pretty much sums up most of the recommendations that I’d have :

Hopefully others will chime in with their experiences.


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