Electron Watchdog Timeout Recommendations

Hey Everyone,

I’m interested in how people handle watchdog kicks on the Electron, WRT ensuring that it heals itself after dropping offline.

Currently we post data every 5 minutes, and our timeout on the external Watchdog is about 6 minutes. We are using Particle Sims.

If we get a successful publish, then we kick the Watchdog again. We use single threading currently.

Does this appear a bit brute-force-ish? Sometimes when our devices go offline, they can struggle to get back online again. They usually get there, but it might take 7 days or so. My hunch is that this reset every 6 minutes might be detrimental to it getting back onto the network.

Does anyone have any reactions to resetting it every 6m minutes if offline? Is that a howler?! Should I be handling more on a multithreaded basis and checking in software for connectivity and exerting more manual control over the Cellular modem? Tearing the connection down, brining it back up, and then if failing X times, allowing the hardware watchdog to kick in?

Our stuff is working “OK”, but I think there’s capacity for it to be better.

Interested in how others have gained “supreme” uptime/connectivity stats in conditions where RSSI might be 87-105dbi-ish range.



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Thanks RWB, perfect. Looks like I haven’t been resetting the modem - just the Microcontroller with my external Watchdog. Time to crack the IDE out!

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