Electron vs Boron: Connect time very slow

We currently use Electrons 2G/3G (U270) and are very happy with the performance. Now we are comparing them to the Boron 2G/3G (U201) and are surprised by the cellular connecting time. Here are measurements from 10 samples:

The following test code was used:

void setup() {  
    waitFor(Serial.isConnected, 10000);

    unsigned long startedAt = millis();

    Serial.printlnf("Connect time: %ld", millis() - startedAt);

We were using Device OS 1.5.1. We used the same SIM card, antenna and battery for the test. Has anyone else experienced the same issue?

It might be slightly off topic, but I see a very similar behaviour with Photon vs. Argon.
The WiFi connection time is waaaaay longer on the Argon than on the Photon.

But the underlying cause Gen2 vs. Gen3 might be similar for both cellular and WiFi (just a guess).

Obviously I’m not the only one noticing this - but radio silence from Particle


I was developing under 1.4 and had connect times of 38 secs. The connect time seemed to blow out considerably when I ‘upgraded’ to 1.5, so much so that I have reverted to using an argon for development before testing on a boron. I did not conduct any systematic test but gIven your observations I will run some tests. You may also care to check using 1.4

Interestingly I have way faster connection with the argon. However I am sitting within a couple of metres of my router so that may not be a fair comparison with my photon experience where I was often at the other end of the house.

Given the coming closure of 3G in Australia I want to avoid reverting to Electrons. However I am beginning to wonder whether Borons are the right solution. If I could use BT for the client to set the SSID and Password I would probably revert to using Photons or possibly Argons.

Oops. That should only be Argons