Electron: Twilio SIMs Cannot Connect to Particle Cloud

We have a set of Particle Electron’s devices deployed in the field that are using Twilio SIM cards. Between 11/6 and 11/9 all of these devices stopped connecting to the particle cloud, and we just noticed this outage about three days ago.

At first we thought this was an issue with Twilio’s network, but upon further investigation we found that new devices with Twilio SIMs successfully connect to the network but fail to handshake with the Particle cloud. After searching the forums we found the following quote:

and we searched through the particle firmware, finding that in all versions of the firmware past 0.6.0 the UDP port for Twilio SIM cards is hard-coded to 4500, rather than the normal 5684.

Unfortunately we do not have access to the deployed devices, and therefore cannot manually change the keys server as suggested above. Now that the servers listening on port 4500 are not running, is there any way to remotely recover these devices? Was there any notice about the planned decommissioning of these servers?

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I experienced the outage (in fact that quoted response was a reply to my issue). I want to note that on one of my devices I did “particle keys server --host id.udp.particle.io --port 5684” but on two others I did not, and those both have twilio sims and mysteriously started working again some time after they stopped. And have been online with the cloud ever since.

Do you know if they will continue to work? They’re deployed in delivery vans.

@ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

Realistically speaking, if they are using Twilio SIMs and you didn’t manually respecify the port, our device OS should try to be rebinding to 4500 which isn’t maintained. I’m not sure how they got online and I really can’t say for how long they’ll stay online.

I’d recommend rerunning keys for 5684 at next opportunity.