Electron RFM69 as locator beacon - SOLVED


I’m new to all hardware things but i’m trying to set up a RFM69HCW module

I have the included libraries and the project compiles and i can flash my electron device.

What i’m trying to do is us the RFM69 as locator beacon. In that when i activate it via a particle function i want it to send a BEEP every few seconds so i can try and locate it with a RF signal finder i have.

I have all the code setup - but i’m not sure if the signal is either going OR my finder cannot pick it up.

In order for me to confirm that the RFM69 is actually transmitting - whats the best way to do this…
Any one recommend a USB receiver so i can listen using my PC.


If you have a multimeter you can measure the current consumption of the RFM69 to see if it’s pulling more power to transmit every few seconds.

Or you can get a second RFM69 radio and see it can pick up the signal the RFM69 is transmitting.

I think the RFM69 radios are spread spectrum radios so I’m not sure how that affects how the signal is going to show up on the radio your trying to listen with.

Thanks for the suggestions.
I’ve tried to detect any changes in current - but with no success yet. (will go back to basics and try again)

I know the RFM69 is more complex than i need it to be - but wanted to try it due the range it potentially has.

Well after starting again several times and re-soldering I’ve got it working :slight_smile:
It must have been a bad connection -

So happy i’m progressing from flashing LEDS.