Electron does not respond to Radiohead test sketch

I can’t get a serial response from my Electron, running 0.6.0 firmware. I’m running the transmitter example from the adafruit website ( https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-rfm69hcw-and-rfm96-rfm95-rfm98-lora-packet-padio-breakouts/rfm9x-test ). CS = A2, RST = D6, INT = D0.

I am getting nothing in the console.

How have you wired the rest of the board?
And what did you adjust in your code?
What library are you using?
How are you building?

c4 and c5 go to a can transceiver (that part works)
electron : lora module
d6 --> rst
a5 -> MOSI
a4 -> MISO
a3 -> SCK
a2 -> CS

This is on protoboard. Al I adjusted in the cod was the pin assignments. at one point, I had a do while loop in the setup function set to spam the serial output and even that wouldn’t work.

Try this thread and the linked library:

I have the RFM9x radio, not the RFM6x. Will that library still work with this radio?

It would be awesome if you can test and confirm. However, I don’t believe that it will work out of the box on the RFM9x.

The RFM69 series uses a Semtech chip SX1231(H) whereas the RFM9x series uses a different chip SX1276. There is a difference in modulation. I have not seen that the library addresses the RFM9x use case. Both RFM69 and RFM9x LoRa breakouts have the exact same pinouts so you should be good on that if you use the same wiring from the RFM69 library for Particle.

Do you need the LoRa range and that the H 20 dBm version of RFM69 won’t work for you? Otherwise would be awesome if we can configure the RadioHead library that works with RFM9x for Particle…

In addition to the prior info, use the connections from the RFM69 Particle library (I think you should try IRQ/interrupt on D2 not D0 - I found that was important in my testing unless you're able to set a custom definition which you can in RFM69):

#define RFM69_CS      A2 
#define RFM69_IRQ     2
#define RFM69_IRQN    2 //On Photon it is the same unlike Arduino
#define RFM69_RST     6

Other troubleshooting thoughts:

  • Serial output is working? Try just a simple sketch with serial output to confirm
  • Wire it up to an Arduino and test the example sketch there. Purpose is to eliminate that you don't have an issue with wiring, power source or antenna (use 3.3V Arduino or keep in mind the V input for the RF module!). The RadioHead library has been tested and maintained for Arduino so first make sure you get it working there...then worry about porting library or other options.