Electron PMIC failure -> excessive current on MOSFET

Hello community,

I have a very rare occurrence, we have had 2 electrons over 1,000’s experience a situation which pulls excessive current through the MOSFET controlling 12V power going to VIN.

The MOSFET in question seems to be damaged through excessive current.
I also discovered damage on the PMID pin of the PMIC on the Electron.
And similar to the post I found on the forums, The capacitor PMID connects to GND is a direct connection via my DMM. I think this means the Cap is not working…

Also in this damaged state Electron, I have continuity between the VIN and GND pins when measuring with my DMM. (I think that may be a problem haha)

And, when connecting this Electron into a know good circuit, devices on the power rail turn off as if the Electron with this PMIC damage is causing a short.

Here are photos of the damage on our board (pic 1) and the damage I noticed on the Electron.


We had this happen to an electron after 35 days of running.
This has happened once before, and was during the first time power was plugged in to VIN.

What is the root cause here on the Electron?
Is it that C5 capacitor failed? it looks to be the thing that connects PMID to GND causing the problem to arise.

This has been super rare! But I was wondering if these is something I can do to prevent it from happening?

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