Electron damaged - PMID blown up

Can I ask for the feedback regarding the electron failure? Where should I look for the potential reasons of PMID being blown up?

That poor PMIC blew a couple of pins.

What voltage was on the VIN pin?
It looks like what you’d see if you feed excessive voltage/current into the device.


I just want to ask what @no1089 asked :grin: also may be your PS has some noises or voltage is not filtered correctly then some voltage sparks can occur and voila!
By the way…
Faktycznie zjarał sie na maxa złoty :joy:

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There’s 12VDC on the VIN pin.

Thanks for the tip. The device is installed in a remote location and maybe this is somehow related to the stroms we recently had.

A fairly high voltage and current flow would be required to blow those pins clean off.
I have not really seen this before - I’ve intentionally destroyed Xenons with 31V, and that popped bits of resin off the chips, but pins never vanished.

I have seen similar damage to ICs on a past remote sensing project. I don’t know for sure what caused it, but I suspect a lightning storm.
I now have some power supply filtering (low pass LC filters, TVS diodes etc), and haven’t had any more problems.


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