Electron not entering setup on battery/board recharge

Putting as hardware as I believe this to be the problem, perhaps with the battery, perhaps related to: Bug Bounty: Electron not booting after battery discharges completely

I have several AssetTrackers that I keep sealed up as they’re outdoor units. I installed wireless charging through the GPS board so I can keep them sealed and not open boxes each time they need a recharge.

All this works great, code, recharge, everything. UNLESS the battery runs all the way down. In this case, when I recharge and the unit gets it’s juice back, it won’t start up. The white indicator light goes to white and stays white (doesn’t breathe or anything). I can’t connect to it via USB mode either.

NOW, once I hit reset, it resumes it’s normal function. But then I have to reopen the box, defeating the purpose of wireless charging in those circumstances.