Electron no connection to internet - weird blinking sequence


I use my Electron for several weeks without troubles. But since yesterday it does no longer connect to the cloud. It is just showing a weird blinking sequence:
fast green
fast cyan
slow cyan (1 sec only)
3 time long red
fast cyan
slow cyan (1 sec)
fast green again

I guessed it is a keys topic and I have already tried particle keys server and particle keys doctor without success :frowning:

Any more ideas what I can do?

Best regards,

That’s not the typical keys thing


It might be due to network or server issue.

Although http://status.particle.io doesn’t indicate a server issue for me

Maybe you leave the device powered off for 23+ minutes and try again.

Thanks ScruffR for the hints.
I tried it with 1 h without any power, but I still have the same problem.

Maybe file a support request so that Particle can have a look at your SIM