Electron: Maximizing Data Usage

Goal: what is the largest payload (in Bytes) that I can send in a single non confirmable event and what is the total size.

HI, I’m starting to play around with my new Particle Electron and I have a project that will be sending sensor readings periodically.

My goal to keep costs down is to aggregate these readings and send them as one payload in a single Particle Publish event every X minutes.

From the https://docs.particle.io/guide/getting-started/data/electron/ guide I have a rough idea of the overhead of an event.

UDP frame: 8 Bytes
DTLS tunnel: 29 Bytes
Max Payload: ?

Also the Electron will ping the cloud every 23 minutes with and acknowledged message of 61 bytes.

Can this be replaced with having a confirmable publish event at least every 23 minutes?