Electron ios SDK no Setup option?

I don’t see any setup option for the electron on the ios SDK like there is for the photon.

Hello @Jean-Pierre!

There isn’t an SDK for setting up the Electron (and there aren’t plans for one) because it’s a centric operation - we collect billing information and activate SIMs through our telephony partner.

If you need simple integration inside of an app for setup, you can open a iOS / Windows / Android WebView and point it to setup.particle.io.

I hope that solves your problem. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply @jerrytron ok that looks simple enough, but when my customer get’s their device how do I claim it to their account from our app. I understand that i can be the sim manager for the device, but they still need to claim it to their account for it to work.

Thank you :grinning:

The SIM billing and the device account claiming are two seperate things.

I understand that but how would i go about to claim an Electron device via our app.

As mentioned in my post above, at the moment you would need to open a webview to setup.particle.io in your app in order to claim an Electron from your app. Thanks!