Electron, IFTTT and device names

I have an Electron that is linked to an IFTTT applet. After I first set up the applet, I changed the name of the Electron from “Well_Pump_T-25” to just “Pump” from within the Console. The IFTTT applet logs events into a Google spreadsheet. Although the event log entries in the Console now correctly show the new device name “Pump”, the log entries in the Google spreadsheet still show its original name “Well_Pump_T-25”. Note that the IFTTT applet settings show the correct new name.

Since I can find no place in IFTTT to define my several device names (they all seem to be “pulled” from the Particle Cloud) and since I can find no other place within the Particle Console to manage device names, I am at a loss to explain why the device’s original name persists anywhere, but it seems that the most logical place to find the cause is in Particle Cloud.

Can anyone help me figure this out?

Have you tried recreating the IFTTT applet?

Yes, Nathan, I have, with no affect. However, just today, one of my two devices started showing up in the spreadsheet with the new, revised name with no action of any kind on my part (!??). The other remains stuck in the past. So far.

UPDATE: last night the second device - the one mentioned in my original post - started appearing in the spreadsheet with its new name, i.e. it is named just “Pump”. Again, no action on my part. I’ll just have to write it off as FM, I guess.