Electron - Flashing Green with errors: CSD / PSD Registration Denied

Thanks for reading my post. I am hoping someone might have some insight into what is going on with one of my Electrons.

For this Electron, I was able to register and flash a simple program to blink the onboard LED. I then had to set it aside for about a week and when I came back to the Electron, it would only flash green.

I read this post:

Electron Flashing Green

and I captured some of the debug output as it described. It does look like there are some IDs in the output that I would rather not want to post here, but a portion of the log contains the following:

[ Modem::register ] = = = = = = = =
316.517 AT read OK 6 "\r\nOK\r\n"
316.521 AT send 11 "AT+CGREG?\r\n"
316.535 AT read + 15 "\r\n+CGREG: 2,3\r\n"
316.550 AT read OK 6 “\r\nOK\r\n”

followed by:

CSD Registration Denied
PSD Registration Denied

0000316581:INFO : virtual void particle::protocol::DTLSProtocol::init(const char*, const SparkKeys&, const SparkCallbac…channel inited0000316595:WARN : void manage_network_connection() (99):!! Resetting WLAN due toWLAN_WD_TO()

Does anyone have insight into what that might mean? Has anyone else run across a scenario where the Electron once worked, but later could not connect to the network? I have another Electron that I just registered and connected today and so far everything seems fine.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

@bdub is our resident cellular logs oracle–any thoughts on this particular issue, Brett?

Thanks for the ping @will !

Hi @TheYoungSoul, would you please PM me your full logs up to the CSD/PSD registration denied? Ideally they will start after the first second or two of running.

Hi - I have the same issue with green LED flashing and similar errors of CSD and PSD registration denied.

Was this issue resolved?