Electron, E series, Smaller Battery workaround?

I moved this from the beta Electron thread (https://community.particle.io/t/battery-requirement-workaround/17321/14?u=wesner0019) in hope more people can see this.

I was wondering if you could give some guidance. Im back on designing a system with a smaller battery for the E0 and need addional bulk capaciance to suppliment the 1,200mA max dischange of my current battery. I need to make up about 600mA for the short bursts of the 2G transmissions.

Based on my calculations (below), I’ll need about 1,300uF.

I’ve been thinking of using this:
Tant Poly caps (higher cost, and need about 4 of these.


I also came across these below. Alum Cap where 1 could be enough.

Both have an ESR of 60mOhm or less, but real estate is a concern.

Is there any differences of using 4 Tant Poly vs 1 Alum capacitors?