Electron data usage

System.sleep(SLEEP_MODE_DEEP, 150);

Seems to be a stable sleep mode that so far allows all Publishes go through.


Causes Publishes to go missing, its hit and miss from my testing.


@RWB yes this is what I see too. And according to the Billing and Usage window, the difference in data usage is HUGE between stop mode (hardly registers at all!) and deep sleep (dramatically higher usage) as @BDub pointed out earlier, so getting stop mode working is a big deal.

Good to know.

I have been checking my data usage all day but it’s not updating every hour. It’s been showing 0.04 MB all day so I’m guessing I’ll see a large data increase tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect.

I noticed this too. In 24 hours I went from 0.11 MB used without a sleep mode to 0.70MB used the next 24 hour period. @BDub said an upcoming update will do away with having to re-handshake with the cell tower after wakeup. That’s your likely culprit.

My data is only updating every 24 hours it looks like. Hope it gets back to the 1 hour updates soon.

When exactly is this Re-handshake happening? After reconnecting from sleep state?

Yes, that’s what I was told, here: Electron Solar Kit Charging Indicator?

What are you using to trigger wakeup? Are you doing it remotely?

I ask because I’m wanting include a way to to remotely wake the device for a reflash if needed. At the moment I built in a millis() non-blocking delay window to reflash, not optimal.