Electron connectivity issues

I am running an Electron with Asset Tracker Shield V2, and I seem to have some communication issues with it.

The current state is:

  • I can see the device in the console, the last handshake timestamp is correct
  • I can see the events sent by the device in the event logs table


  • none of my published functions appear
  • using particle call on the command line gives a Function call failed: Timed out.
  • using ‘Ping’ in the console also times out

I have tried reflashing the device several times. I tested with and without a connected USB cable.

The Electron is running 0.7.0

this is my startup code.


void setup() {
    Particle.function("riding", isRiding);
    Particle.function("getLocation", getCurrentLocation);

void loop() {

What’s weird is that I managed to call those functions via the particle CLI at a given point in time.

Found it. Seems Particle.process() was missing in the loop