Electron Cloud Problems

I have an electron that I’ve been running a Blynk sketch with, today it doesn’t want to interact with the electron.

With the electron breathing cyan, I flashed my Blynk sketch with no errors in the flashing process or compile. Serial.println gives me output on my terminal, however, when I use a button widget with my iPhone Blynk app, nothing happens.

I had a photon I was going to use for another project, so I flashed it with the same Blynk sketch and everything works as it should.

A couple of things when I first plug my USB cable into my electron it blinks green about 40 seconds before it goes to breathing cyan.
Also when I press the run button inside my iPhone Blynk app, I get told the electron is offline, however, it responds with the correct lights when I flash it and goes back to breathing cyan, so I don’t think its the electron not being able to connect to the Particle cloud that is the problem here.

Any advice on what to do next?


@jdugat, which version of the system firmware (not Blynk) did you select before compiling for your Electron? You need to use the latest 0.5.0 release for Blynk to work.

One note of caution however. Blynk uses a lot of data as-is since it is not optimized for low data use.

Yes. I’m using 0.5.0 firmware.