Electron work with blynk?

Is anyone able to run blynk on their electron? If so, what library of blynk and what firmware from particle?

I am bit afraid of data usage with Blynk. I plan to do some tests with local Blynk server to figure it out. It will take a while before I get to it.
Also i had some trouble talking with Blynk on Photon when I put Photon to sleep right after publishing values. If this will be the case for Electron too, it may affect its usability as low power data logger.

I found a short term fix for my problem and have blynk running on my electron. A tip for data is I only use push updates from my device so I only use cellular data when needed. I have timing intervals and only send my data values every hour. I also have a manual update button on my app so if I want the values immediately i can just press the button. If you want to use the least amount data possible and don’t need values all the time just make a button update your push data to blynk, that way you only use data once whenever you press the button.

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