Electron - Charging issues when using LiPo to power other devices

I have an electron setup with a TFT screen and haptic motor. The 3v3 out is not powerful enough to drive them (although the 3v3 on the Photon is). So I’ve tied them to the LiPo+ pin.

If the LiPo is half charged everything is ok, the charge LED is on constant. If the LiPo is fully charged the charge LED flashes very rapidly (almost like a really slow PWM maybe 10-20Hz). If I turn the TFT backlight off the charge LED goes out. If I drive the backlight on full and the haptic motor then the charge LED comes on constant.

So my guess is the TFT is drawing just enough current to trigger the charger, but then it instantly stops. Unless you draw a lot of current and then the charger comes on to cover it.

My question is (before I solder this Electron directly to the PCB I’ve had made) will this be OK? Is there a better way to power peripherals?

It all works: Running of battery, charging battery if connected to power and battery is low. However is it OK if it’s left connected to the power with a fully charged battery and the charger flicking on/off very quickly?