Electron board not receiving IDE signal


When I try to send the signal in the particle build to my electron, the light at D7 doesn’t turn on. Therefore, I am unable to flash anything to my electron.

My electron breaths cyan when I turn it on.
My firmware is updated to 0.6.0.
My sim card is activated.
I made sure its on listening mode.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thank you!

If you want to flash your device, you shouldn’t place it in listening mode. Rather, just have it breath cyan for OTA updates. Updating over USB might be more convenient with an Electron though, so that’s something worthwhile looking into.

Oh! Thank you! If you don’t mind helping me again:
I tried doing the command line/USB uploads, but every time I log in, it tells me i need to set up my electron and pay for the sim card even though I already have.

What commands are you using?