Electron Antenna interferes with PIR sensor

Can someone tell me how far away should the electron antenna be placed from other sensor wires. I have a PIR sensor and it seems when the antenna is to close (within 1/2 inch) to that sensor wire and I run a function the PIR pin goes high.

Now when I take the antenna further away and run a function that doesn’t happen.

Any one have an issue like this?


There are too many variables to know. It will also be affected by 2G vs. 3G, which band is being used, and how close you are to a tower. The output power is higher when the tower is distant, so there’s more likelihood of interference. And, of course your sensor. Presumably some are more susceptible to interference than others. Not to sound flippant, but the best advice is, “as far away as is necessary to avoid interference” in this case.

Thanks Rick

You could try:

  1. Using shielded wires and then grounding the shield to the ground line (but that is kinda annoying)
  2. Use a higher quality PIR sensor that has suitable shielding/filtering (cheapo $1 ebay ones are usually pretty crap when it comes to EMI resistance).
  3. As @rickkas7 mentioned above, keep them apart.