Electron and New Kits Available on Store on March 15

If you didn’t back up our Kickstarter, you’ll soon have the opportunity to buy the Electron and it’s kits from our store! On March 15th, we will be offering the Electron Kit, Asset Tracker Kit, Solar Kit, and Sensor Kit on store.particle.io.

Electron Kit - 2G at $49 and 3G at $69

  • Electron board
  • Particle SIM 3 months of data now included!
  • Antenna
  • Battery
  • Breadboard
  • and more components

Asset Tracker Kit - $129

  • Electron board
  • Particle SIM 3 months of data now included!
  • GPS module
  • Battery for power
  • Project enclosure

Sensor Kit - $149

  • Electron board
  • Particle SIM 3 months of data now included!
  • Temperature, motion, distance, sound, and air quality sensors

Solar Kit - $159

  • Electron board
  • Particle SIM 3 months of data now included!
  • 6-watt monocrystalline solar panel
  • LiPo battery
  • Shield to handle charging with a prototyping area
  • Enclosure to hold the electronics

Basic Data Charges:*
$2.99/month for 1MB (approx. 20,000 messages per month)
$0.99/each additional MB
No Contracts
*Data rates vary by country, see here for full pricing

Until then, we will continue our preorder special pricing before they are available to the public. This means you have one week to preorder the Electron 2G for $39 and the Electron 3G for $59. Don’t miss out on this limited promo period!


Will the Electron board ever be offered by itself and the SIM, Antenna and Battery each as extra accessories? This type of configuration would be great for developers who want to sell a product with the Electron onboard and do not have a need for the breadboard and components.


+1 for a board(and antenna) package only, the electron is useful in areas without wifi but with permanent power, so battery is not always needed.

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@MORA, in my understanding from the documentation the Electron won’t work without the battery at all. Basically it is pulling power in short bursts which the power supply cannot deliver without the battery. Some big capacitor might also solve the problem…

true it may need a better power source, but theres plenty of mobile devices/routers out there for powered applications, so should be possible for the electron too.

Seems silly to install a battery in a fixed location just to satisfy a power surge, especially a lipo one.

Sure, I think the important point would be (as I understand it) not to use the built-in 3.3v source for that. You would have to provide the 3.3v from the outside directly.

The bigger question is can we buy everything a la carte based upon what we need beyond the Electron board itself?

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@clarissa I got my Electron Kit with 3G but not with 3 months of data!!!, let me know if i get data still!. I would need Asset Tracker Sheild and Solar Sheild only. Can order separate?

Have you seen this?

Hey @autolib - I agree. We are definitely looking into that. We’ll be updating y’all when that time comes around.

I’m a Kickstarter backer. Can I still purchase these kits at the pre-order price?

Hi @DwayneR - As a Kickstarter backer, you would have received the benefit of getting the Electron before it was available to the public. The price of the Electron Kits are as it stands currently in our store and we are no longer offering the preorder price as stated.

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When Electron will be available through the Seeed Studio?

We are targeting a distributor launch date this summer.

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I again want to ask the same question :slight_smile:
Delivery for some regions is expensive.
When Electron will be available through the Seeed Studio?

Hey there,

Electrons have launched for distributors now, and are available for wholesale order. I believe that Seeed is likely to place an order for distribution.

If you’re interested in purchasing Electrons through your local distributor, let them know which SKUs you’re interested in!


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Now I wrote email to seeed, expect their response :smile: