Electron and an Android app

Hi guys newbie here but long time reader. I recently purchased an electron with the intent to monitor vehicle movement and location and use an android app to handle phone notifications based on activity in the car. Ideally, a simple scenario is, if a vehicle is detected moving, the app should disable notifications unless blue tooth is enabled. So i have started android tutorials and am currently reading more and more. I just wanted to know from experienced developers if this project can be completed? I have done research in to different topics to look out for such notificationlistenerservice for android dev, but i wanted to know from you guys. Any help would be appreciated, such as good tutorials and lessons to look at to learn more.



Check out the Blynk app for Android. blynk.cc
They have an app for sharing or selling your projects and there is a large selection of widgets for interfacing with Particles. The Blynk libraries can be found on the IDE as well.

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Would i be able to modify notifications from other apps using blynk? Does Blynk give me full control to add extra features?

In case you havent located these, you will find your answers here