Android Question

Hi… I have not purchased the electron yet, I wanted to known if the Electron can connect directly to a android app.

I’m looking to monitor a open switch and once it is closed send a alert to a android app. Can anyone give me an idea on how to do this with the Electron. Also how much time between the closed switch and the App receiving an alert. Can a interrupt be set up to monitor the open/closed switch?

Thanks for your help…

I’m not sure about a ‘direct’ connection to an app, but over the internet you surely can.

The electron can be triggered by an interrupt and then send a Particle publish to the cloud. You can either listen for that in the app (which means it need to be running all the time) or you use some kind of push-notification system. IFTTT makes this whole thing really easy to do (~10 lines of code on the device, and pretty much none on the cloudy side).

Thanks… that does help me understand how the Electron works. Do you have any idea how long it takes from the time the electron is triggered to receiving a alert on the android smartphone? I know that will depend on certain circumstances but in general is that a immediate notification if I have my App listening for the response.

If you’re listening to the server sent events, and both the Electron and App are online when ‘a thing’ is triggered, you should be able to expect a near instant notification (<1s give or take).