EasyVR speech recognition

@peekay123 Thanks for the update. I look forward to trying things out.

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@jackpot, here is the ported library though not setup for the IDE.

Let me know how it goes! :smile:


Will do, Thanks again!

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@peekay123 so here is my progress so far. All of this is using the Particle Web IDE btw. I copied and pasted the .h and .cpp files, did a save as in notepad and placed both those files in the same folder as my sketch. Im not sure why I thought that would work and it did not compile. So, I added a .h and .cpp tab to the sketch in the IDE. I had to remove a few lines at the beginning of the code (the code is generated by EasyVR commander). Anyway, I tired to compile and am now getting an error

EasyVR.cpp:13:33: fatal error: internal/protocol.h: No such file or directory
#include “internal/protocol.h”

I looked through the .cpp file and I see that this library should be included in that file. I am going to start reading to find out where the wheels left the tracks for me. Ill keep you posted.

@jackpot, I had tested using Particle CLI. Do you have it installed?

I do. I use that to flash code to my board rather then OTA

@jackpot, then simply create a directory for the EasyVR files, including the “internal” subdirectory but not the “examples” one. Then simply compile using CLI, specify the directory name:

particle compile photon director_name

Then flash over with CLI as you already do.

Ok, that will take me a bit of time to figure out how to do all of that. The way I have been doing things in the past with CLI is to compile my sketch in the IDE, download it to a file and then use the CLI to flash it.


@jackpot, CLI makes things super simple and with new Libraries 2.0 coming soon, it will be even easier!

LOL, I was just getting used to the way I was doing it! Haha

@peekay just to be clear. You created a folder (Directory) with a sketch in it (.ino, EasyVR.cpp, EasyVr.h and internal.h) and then pointed the CLI to that Folder (directroy) -is that correct? Did you use one of the EasyVR example .ino’s?

@jackpot, the target application folder contains:

example.ino  // One of the .ino example files from the Examples folder
internal     // Folder which contains:

From outside the folder, you compile using:
particle compile photon foldername

@peekay123 so I have determined how to compile using the CLI, particle compile electron and then point it to the .ino which in my case is desktop\voice\pass\pass.ino and I get a compile error pasted below.

Here is a screen shot of the folder where the .ino is located

oh boy…told you I was a rookie! I was not using one of the Examples that you provided on GitHub and I see I had the Readme file (which is now removed). I attempted to compile again and this is what I see

If I comment out
and then add
#include “EasyVR.h”
or comment that out, I get this error message

@jackpot, step back a bit and let’s look at the folder content again. The folder should ONLY have the internal folder with protocol.h in it, EasyVR.cpp, EasyVR.h and one of the .ino example files. Get rid anything else including the pass folder.

Make sure you have the latest Particle CLI by running npm update -g particle-cli assuming you did not install CLI via the “abridged” Windows CLI installer.

Undo all your changes to the files you made (prama, etc).

You are trying to compile the ino file instead of the FOLDER. In your case if the folder containing everything above is called “voice”, compile using:
particle compile electron desktop\voice

@peekay123 Here are the errors I get when trying to follow your compile instructions. I think I’m doing everything correctly.

@RWB, can you switch to the Downloads directory and run the compile again?

I am now using one of the examples you provided so that is why you now see TestEasyVR instead of pass.

Did that and here are the results which mean nothing to me (Im sure you are not suprised by that statement :neutral_face:)

Not sure where the prama came from but, done.

All I can say hear is THANKS for your patience

Tried to compile again, moved to downloads as you suggested, both results below

Thank you


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