Easy way to store and play back wav from Photon internal flash memory?

Hi folks, I want to be able to upload a few small wave files to my photon’s 1MB internal flash memory when I upload the firmware over the air, and then I want to be able play them back via the DAC. I’ve found a number of threads that have something to do with either the DAC, flash memory, or sound, but my programming skills aren’t good enough to piece them all together. I’ve been using the CLI to upload my firmware over the air. Is there a simple way where I can put the wave files in the folder along with the .ino file, upload them all at once to the photon, and then use some command to call each file and play it through the DAC? I’ve been using dfrobot’s mp3 module, which is great, but there’s no reason to use it if I can just do everything on the photon itself.

[Edit: I didn’t realize the Photon doesn’t have external flash memory like the Core does, so I updated this post to ask about the internal flash memory instead]

Just wanted to mention that the Photon itself doesn’t have any external flash memory - have you added an SPI flash device?

Ah, my mistake, I confused it with the Core. I’ll update the original post. But Photon datasheet says it has 1MB of internal flash memory. Is it possible to do everything I just said with the internal flash memory?

@osmithy, the internal flash is used by the Photon system firmware parts and the user application code space. You can use a P1 module which has a 1MB external flash onboard or add an SPI external flash to your Photon.

Weemp womp, too bad. I’ll just keep using the mp3 module since I already have all the code and board layout done. Thanks for the quick responses.

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