E0 PMIC minimum charge current

Is there a way to set the charger current below 512mA for the e0 using setChargeCurrent?

Should be the same process as changing it on the Electron since it’s the same PMIC.

I know the codes to do this are on the forum in a past discussion. Searching should pull it up pretty quickly.

I looked before but the codes assign an offer that from what I can tell only increases the charge current above 512mA

Found the answer in a nother thread. But in short it’s a not very useable workaround.

You can work around the 512mA offset by changing the PMIC’s input current limit to something lower.


  • Function Name : setInputCurrentLimit
  • Description : Sets the input current limit for the PMIC
  • Input : 100,150,500,900,1200,1500,2000,3000 (mAmp)
  • Return : 0 Error, 1 Success

bool PMIC::setInputCurrentLimit(uint16_t current);
This will be overridden if the input voltage drops out and comes back though (with something like a solar cell or switching USB ports) and it will be set back to the default 900mA level. To counteract that you could set it in a Software Timer every 60 seconds or so. I don’t think you’d need to set it too frequently, unless you
r input is changing frequently.

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