Electron Battery Charge Q

Hi all,

Does anyone have practical advice on the settings for the PMIC and FuelGuage to maximize charging for this battery and getting accurate fuel levels?

I appreciate your help!

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The only thing you would want to use is the code to increase the PMIC charging current to allow for the full charging current to recharge the battery quicker than the default charging current.

Put this in setup:

PMIC pmic; //Initalize the PMIC class so you can call the Power Management functions below. 
pmic.setChargeCurrent(0,0,1,0,0,0); //Set charging current to 1024mA (512 + 512 offset)

Here’s some source code that was shared with me ( by @BDub ) that breaks out the various fault and status flags on the PMIC


I hope that helps also! :slight_smile:



Great code. Thanks!

What about increasing the voltage?

Is that dangerous on this battery?

I tried increasing voltage also but it caused some other issue that I didn’t like so stuck with the default charging voltage. I don’t remember what the side effect of increasing the voltage was but it had nothing to do with being dangerous for the battery.

The only way to go beyond 70% of the battery charge is increasing the voltage… otherwise the red led turns weird blinking errataclly at about 70%… (not at 1hz… not an error but dims and blinks and then stops and then turns on again at that 70%)

Wondering if it was an issue because charging it with that voltage increase the battery stops receiving charge at about 103%.

Yea, the weird LED blinking issue is what I also saw when I increased the charging voltage. It didn’t really increase the SOC charge percentage for me so I just went back to the default charging voltage so the LED would act normal again.

I get a SOC of 85-86% when the battery hits fully charged and the LED goes out.

You can, please see the issue here: https://github.com/particle-iot/docs/issues/408