E Series schematic / layout


I know this has been asked in a couple other places, but:
Will the E series schematic and layout be made available publicly?
The product page does describe it as an “Open source design”.


The E series module itself is the module (similar to the P0 on the Photon).

What I understand is that what you see available is what will be available.

@rickkas7 might have more information.


The Photon does use a SIP that incorporates most of the components.
But the board still has a few other components on it, and the schematic for that is available:

For the Electron with pin headers, the full schematic is made available:

I am interested in looking at the same thing for the Series E, even if it is substantially similar to the pinned Electron.


The E series module full schematic and layout won’t be made public. Pictures of portions of it are in the E series data sheet. The schematic and layout of the evaluation board is available.


Oh. Darn.
“Open source design” :thinking:


Making me think twice about including this module as a daughter board