E-Paper Dev Kit Based on the P1Module

Hey Particle Community, just wanted to share a project that may be useful to anyone looking to develop with the P1 module. I created a product based on the P1 and, after a hardware revision, have some of the old boards available that could be used to jumpstart somebody else’s P1-based project. The hardware revision had nothing to do with fixing defects (functionality change). The hardware is solid and proven in customer hands. It has an attached 1.54" e-paper display and is configured for onboard battery charging. I was able to achieve deep sleep current consumption of 52uA and since the e-paper is super low power you can get several months of battery life depending on use.

Anyway, if you have an e-paper project or looking to create a product based around the P1 I think it would be useful. You can get full details on Tindie where I posted it. Happy to answer any questions here as well.



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